Where business and science meet

At TRIUMF Innovations, we focus on the business of science. We are the commercialization arm of TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre, dedicated to linking cutting-edge science and technology to tangible business opportunities. TRIUMF Innovations acts as a connector to the business world by providing market opportunities for applied physics-based technologies that emerge from the TRIUMF network – by streamlining access to TRIUMF’s world-class expertise and infrastructure, and by connecting TRIUMF researchers and technologies to the world via industry partnerships, licensing, and business development.

To date, TRIUMF Innovations has helped five spin off companies successfully go to market, with more are in the pipeline. TRIUMF Innovations helps TRIUMF startups navigate complex intellectual property management, assisting with patent filings, invention disclosures, fundraising, partnering and investment.

TRIUMF Innovations Training Program

Coming soon, this exciting new venture is committed to equipping our scientists to be the next generation of industry leaders. In partnership with the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business and Entrepreneurship UBC, this new program will provide entrepreneurship training and coaching to TRIUMF scientists.  It will further enhance our scientists business skills and strengthen connections with industry through a wide range of courses, workshops, networking and mentorship.